Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the time commitment for these roles?

Our Fitness to Practise and Panel Member Partners are expected to commit to at least 20 hearing days per year. For our Panel Chairs and Legal Advisers this increases to 25-30 days. Our Registration Advisers are expected to commit to 20 cases per year, with around 3 to 4 hours of time per case. Our Education Quality Assurance Inspectors would all need to commit to at least 10 days with at least two days of inductions and training.

2. Can I still apply to be a partner if I have been subject to a fitness to practise complaint? 

Social workers can apply to become a partner as long as they are not subject to a fitness to practise sanction or ongoing fitness to practise inquiry. Applicants who are subject to a criminal conviction or ongoing criminal investigation will also not be able to apply.

3. Who is eligible to apply for the Education Quality Assurance Lay Inspector roles?

A candidate who was previously registered as a social worker is eligible to apply for EQA lay inspector role provided they are not currently registered as a social worker.

4. Who is eligible to apply for the Education Quality Assurance Registrant Inspector roles?

Candidates for the Education Quality Assurance Registrant Inspector roles must be currently registered as a social worker. 

5. What are the fees?

These rates are gross and therefore include VAT.

The proposed fees are:

Legal Advisers - £525 per day

Lay Panel Chairs – £340 per day

Lay Adjudicator - £310 per day

Registrant Adjudicator - £310 per day

Lay Inspector - £310 per day

Registrant Inspector - £310 per day

Registrant Inspector (AMHP/BIA) - £310 per day

Registration Advisers - £80 per case

6.  Can I apply if I’m a current HCPC panel member?

Yes. All applications will be considered on their merits and assessed purely on the responses provided.

7. Do I have to be a UK national to apply for these roles?

You must be free to remain and eligible to work in the UK.

8. Is there an upper age limit?


9. Can I take up one of these positions if I have a full-time job?

Yes, though you will be expected to commit to the number of days specified for the role in question and to the training days.

10.  Are these fixed term appointments?

The initial appointment will be for a period of four years. You have the right to reapply after this period for a further four years.

11. Do I need to use a computer?

Yes, you will need to have access to and be able to use computer software, email and the internet.

12. Can I get feedback if I am unsuccessful? 

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications expected for these roles, individual feedback will only be available to those who are taken through to the interview stage.

13. If I am unavailable for the interview dates, are alternative dates available?  

The dates set out for interview are the only dates the panel can offer. You will have a choice of days over a given period, but you will need to be available to attend one of the dates to be considered further.

14. I am a qualified social worker, but I have not practised for many years and am no longer registered with HCPC. Can I still apply for a Fitness to Practise Lay Adjudicator or a Lay Panel Chair

You must hold a current registration with HCPC to be eligible for the social worker roles. Unfortunately, if you have ever been on a social work register, you are not eligible to undertake a Lay Adjudicator or Lay Panel Chair role.

15. Will I need to come to Sheffield?

With respect to the Education Quality Assurance Inspector and Registration Adviser roles, it is expected that all work will be carried out remotely. There may be occasional training days in Sheffield.

The majority of Fitness to Practise hearings will be held in Sheffield; however in exceptional circumstances, hearings may be heard in other parts of England. As such the Fitness to Practise panel member roles will be required to travel for each hearing.

16. Will training be provided? 

Yes, training will be provided for all successful candidates.

17. When will I be expected to start in the role? 

Our go live date has yet to be announced, however we intend to run introductory training sessions between September and December 2019 in preparation for the launch date.